Onboarding That Helps You Hit the Ground Running

At Sunbelt Lending Services, we make transitioning into your new career as seamless as possible with our comprehensive onboarding system. Your first week on the job you will meet with our training team, headed up by our Onboarding Specialist, and benefit from in-person training by all of our departments. From Accounting and Marketing to IT and our Scenario Desk, we focus on getting you up and running and fully educated on everything you need to know to be successful.

Continued Training

Upon completion of your training class, your trainers will serve as your on-call support, offering you continued education and coaching whenever needed. We are here to help you grow into a successful new member of our team. We do everything we can to help you reach your full potential quickly. Our wide array of tools and resources is top-tier, but what really differentiates Sunbelt Lending from other lenders is our personal touch – especially during the onboarding process.

You will leave training feeling great about your new career choice and the outstanding level of support.








*PHH Mortgage is the 5th largest originator of retail residential mortgages. Based on 12M2015 statistics from Inside Mortgage Finance, February 26, 2016


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